Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Minimum age for drivers on a course is 14 years old (subject to a minimum height of 4ft 11″).

Age of Junior Driving Experiences from 14-17 years old.

For any persons taking part in a Subaru Rally Experience Ltd event under the age of 16, a guardian must be present at all times.

Passenger rides are subject to a minimum age of 12 and a minimum height of 4ft 6in.

Vouchers are non venue and/or date specific.

We recommend that you book your course A.S.A.P as our events get booked very quickly.

Vouchers may be extended beyond the expiry date subject to the following administration charges:

3 months extension on Taster and Half Day £35.00, Full Day £55.00
6 month extension 50% of original purchase price (Minimum charge £25.00)

An expired voucher can not be redeemed or extended.

Participants must disclose any illnesses or medical conditions which may endanger themselves or others safety or be affected by your participation such as heart trouble or back pain. Should you have concerns regarding your health you should consult your doctor.

We reserve the right to withdraw from the course anyone who we consider unfit to drive, for example: ill health, under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There will be no refund to a participant in this situation.

Spectators are welcome including children, however, children are the responsibility of their guardian/parent and must be observed by their guardian/parent at all times in the interests of safety.

Helmets and safety equipment will be supplied.

Drivers will be required to bring suitable driving shoes and must wear clothing that cover all skin, for example a long sleeved top and NO shorts.

The length of an experience may vary due to numbers attending or unforeseen circumstances eg. mechanical breakdown or extreme weather conditions.

Courses may be altered at anytime at our discretion.

On the rare occasion that a course date is cancelled, we will offer new dates, no refund will be offered.

In the event of cancellation of any booking Subaru Rally Experience Ltd must be notified by email no later than 2 weeks before the event, failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee of 50%. Non attendance on the day of the course will result in all deposits being lost and your voucher becoming void.

Subaru Rally Experience Ltd has the right to reschedule a course even at short notice due to reasons such as extreme weather conditions, a venue being cancelled or a course not being fully booked. Alternative dates will be offered, no refunds can be given.

Any costs incurred by the participant to compete on a rally course such as travel, hotel etc is at the participants cost and can not be reimbursed by Subaru Rally Experience Ltd.

No refunds will be given for any voucher purchased through a third party experience website/portal or via a Subaru Rally Experience Ltd website promotion (ie Christmas special deals).

Refunds are at the managements discretion but may be given due to exceptional circumstances, where appropriate, refunds will be limted to a maximum of 50% of the original purchase price.  No refunds will be given on any voucher that has less then six months remaining.  No refunds will be given on any extended vouchers.